What are we doing to ensure this…

  • 2 Seat, 1 Person Policy: single travelers will have either 2 seats to themselves, or 1 seat that is separated from others.
    Those travelling in groups (ie. partners/friends) may still sit next to each other.
  • Small Group Touring: we will not be filling our buses to capacity. We pride ourselves on our small group tours, and this just encourages us more to travel this way.
  • Thorough Cleaning before every use: before our buses hit the road, they will be cleaned and sanitized; inside and out!
  • Regular sanitizing of common touch-points: throughout the day we will be continually santisigin common touch-points (ie. hand rails, seats)
  • Hand Sanitiser on board: each bus will go out with hand sanitiser on board, and its use will be a requirement for boarding.
  • Mask Wearing: as long as the governments policy on mask wearing remains in place, it will be a requirement for all on board to wear this whilst travelling with us.

Should you have any concerns regarding any of these policies, or any concerns regarding your safety on board our buses, we encourage you to reach out to us here.

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